eM Client is really excellent, the only issue is how could I open .eml file with eM Client, to save as .eml works fine, and I could open eml files saved in eM Client with WinMail or other MS e-mail clients without problems, but I am not able to open eml files with eM Client (i.e. if I open eml file through right mouse selecting eM client, eM Client itself opens, but it does not open or read the selected eml. file), which however prevents me from working with saved eml files in my database through MS Explorer (or other file manager).Thank you for any advice ( Kind regards.
Otherwise the program works really ! good.Kind regards

If the eml files are in a folder, then the import function works here.

if you set eM Client as default mail application, EML files will be opened automatically in eM Client. Other ways to open eml is Open in main menu or drag and drop to some folder or control-c, control-v on the file (ie from windows explorer).

@Michal Burger
It is not consistent I’m afraid

thanks, but I do not intend to import folders nor files into eM, I just work with EML files in e-mail client, i.e. to sent the message, save it in appropriate folder for later purpose and then if necessary to re-open it in e-mail client to post reply or just view it (I know that there are some other view free applications to view eml, but I am looking for some unified application like WinMail, but independent from MS software).

well thank you, I shall try default setting; the other way you mentioned I am not very clear what do you mean “open in main menu” (i.e. you mean to open it in default set-in e-mail client whichever it is? or you mean to open it with eM Client even if it is not set out as default e-mail client /this probably does not work If I understood the previous/??), when you say “or drag and drop to some folder” then you mean to drag&drop to some default folder of eM Client (is there any after installation ?) which is viewable even if eM is not default e-mail ? (am I correct or not ?) or something else ???

Sorry about that Jan
I sent an email to myself from wife
Exported as eml
deleted the ‘received’ email from em client
double click on eml file opens em client but that is all

well hey, thanks anyway, I try the advices from michael burger but it looks like that ́s it.

Got it to work here on Vista 32Bit
In default programs I noticed that eM client only had 2 of 3 defaults
Opened defaults up and found that eml was not checked/ticked
Now the eml opens in em client

Then it ́s good info to me, looks like I ́ll free from another M.Gates “mob” ́s application. Have nice day, thank you very much really. Best rgds.

I have exactly the same question as Jan and the answers above simply are not very clear.
Just now I was unable to upgrade an app because the licence info was stored in an un-openable .eml file saved in Explorer from eMClient.

Otherwise very happy.

Any advice ?

I believe what Jan means is that you set this in the “Set program access and computer defaults” application. More info can be find here:…