how to move mail to local folder

As a newbie, I can see no instruction on how all incoming mail can be directed to the local folder. I work a fair bit off line.

You do not need to move it to local folder. Simply open the account settings and enable the option “Download messages for offline use”. Hope it helps.

Hi I cannot find this option. Please help.

Hi, to enable downloading messages for offline use, please go to Tools > Accounts > Select your account > General tab and check the option “Download messages for Offline use”.

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There is no option/checkbox for ‘download messages for offline use’ under Tools > Accounts > my account > General, where do I find this?

Hi, what mail service provider are you using? (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Exchange, others…?)
Are you using a POP3 account or an IMAP account?

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Hi Paul I’m using POP3 account. I remembered when I first install it there was an option to answer where I want to keep my files and I just went next. Do I need to reinstall it and choose local folders instead or is there any way around it? Thanks

If you’re using a POP3 account all your messages are available for offline use, as POP protocol only downloads new email available on the server and does not synchronize your folders.

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Hi Paul,
I’m using the last version (6.0.22344.0) and I cannot find the tool ‘download messages for offline use’. My email uses an exchange account. Maybe this reason could be also related to the very slow speed in opening the attchments (both pdf and Office files)?
Could you help me please?
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Hello, we’ve adjusted this feature quite recently for Exchange accounts. Mail items are automatically downloaded for Offline use with Exchange accounts, this is why the option is disabled at the moment. If you’d like to include attachments in the synchronization process you should be able to enable the option “including attachments” for each folder separately, this is however our mistake, we will improve this in future releases so the option is included for the whole account as well.
We’ve removed it recently from the Account folder’s properties as the option was available for other parts of the application like your calendars or contacts, where the feature is not available and has only been causing issues.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul, thank you very much, it quite helps!