How to migrate to another PC or Notebook

Hello, now im in process of changing working place. Also i will change my work laptop. How i can migrate to another PC or laptop with all setups, contacts, rules, and mail with folders. ??? On another workplace will be also EMclient.

If you are changing computers, just use the “Menu / Backup” option within eM Client. Next copy the backup file eg: to your new PC. The backup files on a Windows PC normally are in eg: C:\Users\yourname\Documents\EM Client . Put the file in the same place on your new pc.

Then install the same version of eM Client on the new PC and when you first open it, cancel the setup wizard and when the main GUI opens, click “Menu / File / Restore” and point it to where the file is located on your new pc.

You should then have exactly the same as before on your new pc. You will then need to deactivate the license (on your old PC) via “Menu / Help / License / Deactivate”.

However if you want to keep eM Client running on your current pc and also want eM Client on a new pc at the same time, you will either need to get another pro or free license. See License FAQ’s.

Note:- You can d/l all the various eM Client versions via the ver history page.

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Great thks to you for instruction… HAve a nice day man…

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