How to manage email account with multiple users

for our general business email account, we use emclient. 3 people from work have access to this email address from their own emclient. The issue is that we can’t find a way how to add any form of information (tag, note etc) to single emails to note if one of us 3 is already dealing with the email. We did folders but we still encounter the fact that someone mistakenly puts the email of someone else into the wrong folder or doesn’t check the folder.
Is there a way how to “note” certain emails without resending them to certain users?

If you have eM Client Pro you can add a “quick note” directly to an email and then edit it if needed later. It’s called Quick Notes in V9.

See this thread for info and video example.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work eventhough we have version 9 and pro.

We don’t sync Quick Notes over IMAP, but depending on your email server, we may sync tags.