How to make a filter or rule

Can anyone please give me some simple to follow instructions on how to make a “filter” or rule or whatever it is called to direct mail into a designated folder based on criteria I select. For example, I notice that I get a lot of phishing attempts from various senders all with email addresses containing @cobolly. I would like to direct all mail from any sender with @cobolly in the “from” to the trash or to be permanently deleted.

I really like eM Client. Switched from Thunderbird and like the improvement but I must say that the filters in T-bird were logical and easy to use.


When next you receive an email from that domain, right-click on it and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and Blacklist Domain.

All further messages from that domain will be automatically moved to the Junk E-mail folder.


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I see how to send the message to the trash or junk folders but not how to blacklist domain. I also don’t see how to invoke the Rule Wizzard.

When you receive the message, right-click on it in the message list and choose Move to Junk > Move to Junk and Blacklist Domain.

To create a Rule go to Menu > Rules, then click on the New Rule button.

For more help with these things, please see the Help File by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

It would be much more convenient that this rule setup can be done from the right-click menu.

Similarly to Gmail.

It can be. Right click on the sender’s address in the message and choose Create Rule From. Similar to Gmail.

But for more complex Rule management, go to Menu > Rules.

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That’s option and yes it can be done like that.

But is it from an UX perspective convenient? When I have already selected the e-mail from the inbox list its more intuitive to do tasks for that specific e-mail amongst others creating a rule through the right-click dialog.

I never thought of going to the sender in the e-mail box and create the rule from there. But perhaps that is my way of thinking.

If you want to create a Rule based on a sender, it makes sense to right-click on the sender. Otherwise right-clicking on the conversation is something else and you are offered contextual options for that.

True and the G-mail way is to show a dialog where you can choose what to use to set up this filter. Either by sender, subject or anything else.

Maybe better for you to use the Gmail web interface if that works for you.

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