How to link each message template to a default account?


I’m using emClient and I love it, but there’s something that seems to be missing.
I have 4 different email accounts inside emClient, and I created many templates. The problem is most of the templates are used only by one of the 4 accounts, but when I open the template the sender is always the default mail account. I know I can change the sender before sending the message, but sometimes I forgot to do this and the message goes through the wrong account.
Is it possible to do one of these 2 solutions?

  1. define a “default sender” to each template? (that’s how Thunderbird does it)
  2. use as default sender the currently selected account (that’s how Microsoft Outlook does it)

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in tools - settings - mail - templates and signatures, in signatures there is “select signature for account:” and next to it is drop down list of your accounts.

By changing this you change what account has what signature.

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Thanks Jan, but I was looking for a similar option to the templates, not for the signatures. I mean, each template should have a default account (sender).

Do you know if this is possible?

I am sorry I was looking at templates and writing signatures.

same option is in same window in “Mail Templates” window (Select template for account:"

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Ok thanks again, I knew that option too, but it is not what I was looking for.

I need to use more than one template per account, in different situations, so for me there ́s no point in selecting a single template for all the “new” or “reply” messages from each account. I am thinking the other way around, i.e., each template to have a default sender. let me explain myself better with an example:

example 1- if the current selected folder is the “A” account inbox and I click on the “New” button everything works fine, and I can send a message with the sender as “A” account
example 2- BUT if the current selected folder is the “A” account inbox and I click on “New > Email” and choose a template, then the sender is always the default “B” account, when it should’ve be the “A” account.


unfortunately this is not possible at this moment.

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