How to keep mails and delete account

I would like to delete one account, but I want to keep the mails received and sent.
How can I do this?
Does the automatic archiving do that?


no, you can use export… - emails to .eml for this.


Thanks for your very very quick reply :slight_smile:

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I discovered: right clic > export is only in .CSV or html.
To export in .eml it is from File > Export.

Sorry, one more question before drama:
once, the account deleted (on eM Client and on the server), are sure I’ll can read the messages?

yes, .eml files can be imported again without problem. But you can also export them twice or make full backup if you want to be sure.


Ok. .eml files received and sent are already exported. Now, I delete the account…
Account deleted, fine I can read the mails :slight_smile: Thank you.

ok, after you will finish tell me if everything is alright

I already told you :slight_smile:
“Account deleted, fine I can read the mails :slight_smile: Thank you.”

Oh, I am just too tired today so I am having hard time read :slight_smile:
Anyway thank you for your continuous support.


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