How to keep emails from being deleted when syncing with Godaddy Outlook 365

How do I keep EM Client from deleting emails that were deleted on Godaddy Outlook 365 when syncing… I have very little space on Godaddy Outlook so I need to auto delete emails but want to keep them on EM Client.

Sounds like you need to move those emails to Local Folder(s) either manually or via rule(s).

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as Sunriseal said,
You need to use local folders. Local folders is for everything you want to keep on your local computer. So, perhaps every few days, or once a week, move your emails to local folders. Here are some ideas, as I do lots of local folders:

  • Confirmations. Anything I get showing I bought something. I want to keep a record of what I bought.
  • Confirmations from Amazon or for books, or related to my home get their own sub-folders
  • Otherwise confirmations otherwise are tracked by subfolders for years
  • Folders exist for client purchases, deposits, tax related, investments etc.

These emails get sent to local immediately upon receipt. So they are immediately removed from the server.

I have another local folder called old and that folder has subfolders by year. About once a week I move old SENT and received emails to that folder. My stuff gets backed up multiple ways and I trust myself more than any online service.

Just organize your local folders any way that works for you. Make folders and subfolders. All you search functions work fine.

I also find that TAGS work well as another way of categorizing your saved emails in addition to the folders and wonderful search facility in EMClient.