How to keep a copy of my messages on the server?

How can I enforce that email messages are kept on the server so I can keep seeing them with other of my email software and remove them per email device ?
Now, when I remove them they are gone everywhere :frowning:

You normally need to config eM Client for an IMAP, Exchange, iCloud account (Non POP account).

Note:- If you are running a POP account and don’t want to change, then you need to set in your POP account in eM Client accounts to “Leave a copy of messages on server” for x amount of days on all computers.

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Thanks cyberzork !
It’s strange to me but, I had all IMAP accounts and that way…once a mail was removed on one of my computers, it was gone on all others (cellphone, tablet, wife’s PC)
Looked on the internet and found that removing the IMAP connection and replace it into a POP3 connection for all my accounts resulted in having the choice to mark “leave a message on the server” and now (I think) all is working well.
Is my conclusion right that…if you want to leave a copy on the server you must change IMAP into POP3 ?


Yes devices configured for IMAP are all reading the server directly (and not downloading mail) to each device like POP normally does.

So if you delete mail on one IMAP device, this will mirror deletion on all other devices as is the nature of IMAP, Exchange & iCloud.

So if you want the capability to delete mail on one device and not affect the other devices, you will need to use the POP setup with leave a copy enabled.

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Many thanks for helping me out cyberzork, much appreciated !

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