How to insert a document into an email

I need to cope a complete Word 2016 document into the body of an email, document containing photos. Just as I see in emails that arrive, a complete article. MS achieve this using the Rich Text capability within Outlook. How can this be done with Emclient?

Select the text and graphics in Word, and copy (Ctrl+C), then paste it into eM Client (Ctrl+V).

Thanks that does work. I must have made a mistake when I first tried. Thanks

The copy paste works only for text. Now that I have added pictures in Text boxes they will not Paste, even via Select All and copied. I notice that this had been flagged as a problem previously. It was being looked into, I have seen no solution.

Sorry Davmax, I have always used this process without problems, except I don’t use MS Office so did not notice that. I think maybe this is some limitation by application.

If you copy and paste from an RTF or html file, it works just fine.

I find that converting from docx to RTF or HTML changes formatting. need to find another way

I know. Converting to another format, then opening in another app, this is not a solution. Just that it works from some other formats/apps. Maybe eM Client can look into a solution here, but don’t expect anything immediately. :slight_smile:

Hi davmax,

Which program do you use to convert from DOCX to RTF format? Does it happen automatically when you try to paste a Word text into an e-mail of eM Client?

I assume that Microsoft Word should be able to translate his DOCX format to RTF the best. Maybe you can first save your DOCX file by Microsoft Word to an RTF file, then open that RTF file in Word, copy all text (and images) in Microsoft Word, and paste it into an e-mail of eM Client?

Thanks Hans. The RTF method you propose gives the same result text in email but no pictures.

Maybe this is something to do with MS Word. As I said, I don’t use it, so have never seen this problem.

If you opened the RTF file with Word Pad, do you get the same result?

Opening in Word Pad is worse. Graphics gone.

Davmax: what if you copy text + images from the RTF document in MS Word and paste it in a new MS Word document? Do you then also loose the images?

Maybe you have ‘links’ to images instead of really ‘included’ the images in your MS Word file?

Is it an option to convert the MS Word document to HTML and paste that into an e-mail? I assume MS Word can save it’s document as HTML? (Like Gary, I’m also not using MS Word).

You might have a look at Pandoc (, a free document converter, to convert your MS Word document into HTML.

What happens if you paste your text and graphics from Word into WordPad. Does that work?

Thanks Hans for your advice

  1. The images were definitely inserted, but inside an inserted text box. Must be in a text box in Word the enable positioning.
  2. Word has an HTML converter. This however changes the format, the picture positions change, which is not desired.

No method has yet been successful. So I had to live with sending the doc as an attachment.

Pasting into WordPad, no images

Thanks for suggestions

I would suggest then that the problem is with Word, not eM Client.

Hi davmax, depending on what the ‘receiving persons’ of your e-mail must be able to do with your document, I would suggest to send PDF files instead of MS Word documents. What if the receiver also doesn’t have MS Word? Maybe he will also see your carefully crafted MS Word document in a slightly(?) different way. And if the receiver doesn’t need to edit the document, you can definitely send a PDF file.

You should be able to let MS Word generate a PDF file.

Thanks Hans, You absolutely right. pdf Is the best way to go for attachments. I do use it all the time.