How to import .PST fles? Not seeing option

Hi all,

Just installed eM Client this afternoon so I can use the import feature to get some backed up email into our main account. But, I’ve run into a hitch.

How do I import a .pst file? When I run the import feature I’ve got a long laundry list of supported files. But, .pst doesn’t seem to be among them.

eM Client import file options

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Strange! Any idea why that option is not available for me? Is it because I’m on a Mac version of em Client, or because I don’t have Outlook installed on my computer. The only Outlook branded extensions showing for me are .rwz and .olm (Outlook for Mac).

Rackspace is providing people who had one of their Hosted Exchange accounts that got effected by their breach with .pst files to import into their Office 365 accounts, which they told people to move to.

It is because Outlook for Mac doesn’t use a pst file.

You will find the option in Menu > File > Import > Outlook for Mac (olm)

I must be missing something here. I’m trying to import the mail into eM Client, NOT into Outlook. I don’t have Outlook installed on that computer at all.

Do I still need Outlook on the same machine just to import the mail into eM Client? At that rate, I’d just buy Outlook and not eM Client. Please clarify.

I must be missing something here. I’m trying to import the mail into eM Client

Ok so sounds like you have a PC exported .pst file and wanting to import that into a Mac version of eM Client which then doesn’t have the .pst import option.

The only way then in my view to do that (as I have a Mac too) is to eg: convert the .pst file to a .olm file and then import that to eM Client. There is many convertor programs out there to do that.

If your email provider is providing you with a pst file, they assume you have MS Outlook installed on your device. If you don’t, you can import Outlook files into eM Client, but on the Mac eM Client only imports Outlook for Mac olm files. On the PC eM Client imports pst files.

Maybe ask your provider for your messages in some other format. eM Client fully supports the standard eml message format, as well as mbox.

Yet another example of version “upgrades” taking a step backwards. Back in Dec 21 I had emClient V8.2 on a Mac that DID connect to a .pst file. I made the mistake up updating (emClient) and now it’s gone. This is a massive disappointment … why do you have to break something that works?

We have added the pst import to the Mac version of eM Client 10. So when it is released, you will have the choice. We were waiting for some Outlook components that were not previously available for Mac, but now that they are, we are able to have the option for pst as well.

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