How To Import Outlook Express Address Book

How do I import Outlook Express Address Book? (Have messages, but no contacts)

Firstly, within OE, export your address book under the File menu as a csv file. I suggest you then open same into a spreadsheet and rename it addbookv2.csv. Now in eM Client, make a START on importing addbookv2.csv using File import. You will soon be using a wizard to help the process which will show you what fields you can import (there’s loads!) Now you will be in a good position to return to addbookv2.csv and tidy it up eg delete unwanted entries, fill missing fields etc. Resave as addbookv3.csv. Having tidied up you original file, you will be ready for proper File import to eM Client. I did it and it worked fine.

How do I do this on two different computers? I have OE on my old Win xp desktop and eM client on my newer Win 7 desktop. How to I get my OE stuff in eM on my new computer?


you can move exported files between computer for example on flashdisks or external hdds.

Or you can use File - Backup… that will create one huge file with all your data, you will put it on external storage and move it to other computer where you will import it into eM Client by File - Restore…

you can find where eM Client puts your backup file in Tools - Settings - General - Backup.


Does that mean I have to download eM onto my old computer and convert everything to eM before saving to portable disk and carrying to other computer?

I did a huge data transfer when I got the new machine but the OE files kind of got lost or I don’t know where to find them, I’m not sure. And now my external hard drive just show this huge grey block of mega files that I can’t look at - which I suspect was my transfer from the xp. Probably corrupted now. Anyway that’s all probably irrelevant now.

But I really do want all my email and addresses in one place - lots of important stuff there. I’m old-fashioned and don’t really care for webmail that much. Silly me.


Yes, that would be fastest way, install eM Client again into old computer then export data using export or backup and move them to new computer where you will import/restore.

Moving just database is not possible as eM Client on new computer will not accept it or worse it will corrupt it.

database itself is located in C:\Users\ current user \AppData\Roaming in “eM Client” folder.

if you cant see appdata then you will need to turn on “show hidden folders” in windows.

but as I have suggested, use File - backup… on old machine, and File - Restore… on new machine it will be fastest way.


Thank you! I will try that and let you know how it turns out c:

you’re welcome