How to import into the newes eMClient my mails from the mail folder archived in 2013?

I was an eMClient user around 2013.

I archived my old email from the mail folder that time. I would like to open my old emails now but the most recent version on eMClient doesn’t seem to be able to read those emails.

Here is what I did:

  • I installed the most recent version of eMClient
  • relocated the mail folder into a new empty folder
  • restarted eMClient so that it learns the new location of the emails
  • exited emclient
  • emptied the folder
  • copied all the old files into the folder
  • started emclient

It doesn’t show my emails.

  • then I exited again
  • kept all the files
  • copied the old files and overwrote the colliding ones
  • started emclient

Old emails cannot be seen again.

What is the best way to see my old mails?

The current version of eM Client, 7.x, can only import from version 6 database. If that is what you used (version 6 was released at the end of 2013) then once you have copied the old database to the appdata directory as you described above, open eM Client and go to Menu > File > Import > eM Client 6.

No, unfortunately the mails were from Jan/Feb 2013.

So that would have been version 5.

You can backup your current version 7 database using Menu > File > Backup, and then uninstall version 7 and delete the database directory when asked.

Download and install the last version 5 from the Release History, then close eM Client and copy your old files as you did before. Restart eM Client 5 and export any messages you want to keep. You can use Menu > File > Export > Export messages to .eml. You can select multiple folders also which is quite useful.

When that is done close eM Client and re-install version 7. Restore the backup you just made, and finally import the version 5 messages you just exported.