How to: Import ICQ profile

Hi there,

i’d like to use emClient on my new PC now.
I managed to import Facebook Contacts and gMail-Contacts.

I do know that is possible to import ICQ contacts also but I only found a feature to add single contacts…I got more than 300…is there an option to import a whole ICQ profile?

Hope to get an answer :))

P.S: I like this programm but there are some features missing (Skype Support, Camming and Sending Data to Facebook ) would be great if they get added soon. I would pay something for a tool that can manage all this jobs :wink:

Hmmm there seems to be a Skype integration but i’m not sure how to use it :frowning:

ICQ: you will need to register at some jabber server with transports (list of couple of them is at e.g. and then set the transport of the account in menu Instant Messaging->Service Discovery / Transport Registration.

Skype: Integration with Skype only pairs your contacts and allows you to store Skype messages in eM Client communication history.

Ok I will try. Maybe it will be easier to do so in future? The idea of an E-Mailclient supporting Instant Messaging is great. I don’t like IM Clients as Miranda, Trilian etc so much, but one tool for everything would be perfect. :slight_smile: