How to import contacts to AT&T email

I exported my eMClient contacts to a .vcf file on my hard drive but ATT has no instructions on how to import said file to ATT/Currently/Yahoo webmail. Only from Yahoo/Outlook and the like. I’m told repeatedly to consult with my email client app maker on how but seems odd. ATT provides no advice on how to use eMClient, so why vice versa.

Any help?


Have you considered adding the AT&T account to eM Client?

That way you can just copy them from one contact folder directly to another.

Hi, believe it’s already added since I’ve used eMClient to read my ATT email for many years. My domain is [email protected]. That’s all I use eMC for, after ditching Outlook decades ago. Is that what you mean or is there a different kind of “add” I don’t know about.

ATT does allow import straight from gmail (have but do not use the account), so worse case I could export eMC to gmail then import from gmail to ATT. Seems an insane way to have to do it though.

I just can’t find an import from straight from a hard drive file. I also can’t figure out why ATT people on the ATT help forum (ATT employees too) keep telling me to consult with eMC on how to do this. I’d never ask Microsoft how to use the ATT webmail.

Thanks for the reply.

Bottom line is I can find no place in ATT/Currently webmail to click to scan my hard drive for the .vcf file. Did find instructions via google explaining how, but instructions do not match what I see in my ATT webmail. Not the vanilla Yahoo, but the ATT/Currently/Yahoo version. Hope they don’t change the name again.

Well that is an issue between you an AT&T and does not involve eM Client at all. Better to ask the question on their forums.

But as I said, adding the AT&T account to eM Client (which you have) allows you to copy the existing contacts into the AT&T contacts section in eM Client. That means there is no need to export/import or even use the AT&T web interface.

Gary, I had to chuckle reading your reply; of course you’re correct! Would I go to a Ford dealer for parts for my Honday?

But over multiple queries to the ATT help forum, staffed apparently by ATT employees, after including the link to the useless (for my purposes) contacts import section of their settings area, they’d say “consult your email program supplier”. Whether it’s the ATT internet phone support or those guys, I’m convinced they have a canned set of responses (which they themselves have never actually tried). If your solution does not fit their discrete answer buckets, out of luck.

Should have explained initially how/why I use ATT webmail. It’s just initially in the AM if get impatient waiting for eMC to download new mail. Can take 5 to maybe 15min to populate the inbox, whereas it’s there immediately in the ATT/Currently/Yahoo webmail. First come headers but then no data for another 5min maybe longer. My internet is slow, however, another ATT issue.

For the most recent of 3 ATT replies, he provided a link to the Yahoo help forum. Dead link with a 404 page not found error.

This is now mainly academic since I used a “side door” fix. I imported the eMC exported contacts .vcf file in to my google mail, then imported that into ATT webmail, since google is one source they do support. The crazy thing is if you google this issue enough you will find “solutions” that describe clicking on something in the ATT webmail contacts area that lets you browse your hard drive for a file to import. Yet there is in fact no such thing to click in the current (latest) version that I can find, including in the older version that you can still revert back to if desired.

Anyway, case closed, thanks for the reply! Over and out.