How to import contact folders (not the main) from Outlook 2010?

Hi, could not find any references to this issue. I have number of contact list in Outlook 2010. I go Import from pst and these contact folders are not imported. Only I see my Gmail contacts and see nothing in local contact folders. 'have browsed this forum, but could not find any answers to this issue. Thank you for your time. i…

Hey… this is the only workaround to solve this issue I could master…

Main problems:

1, Outlook does not export VCards. Thus, pictures would not be exported from its contacts.

2, Outlook does not support UTF-8 (latin-2) characters via its Import/Export interface. Even if the the default language is win 1250. (!!!) Like I have.

3, To combine all my email contacts (with pictures) into the main contact folder would be an insane move.

So, here it is I had to do for now:

1, In Outlook compose email (draft) > insert VCards from contact folder (separated contact folder from main) as attachment > copied and saved into a corresponding local folder. Repeat this insert > cut > past moves for each contact folders and at the end, just discard the draft email.

Note: Outlook kept the UTF-8 formats in VCards. (hooray… )I have over 50 contact folders some UTF-8 format, but mainly ANSI.

2, In eM Client imported the VCards from the local VCard folders into its own local contact folders. By default I kept the UTF-8 formats separately from the ANSI coded VCards. So, I do not know different language formats could be mixed or not.

I prefer the old POP protocol over the IMAP. So, I think the only glitch I encountered with Gmail is may relate to this protocol settings. Within the eM Client I could not move my contacts into another contacts folder in the Gmail section. (error: cannot move into virtual folder) However, loged onto Gmail’s web-interface and changed there without any problem with a few clicks. (Contacts  > Group > Click off My Contacts and click the designated folder (virtual) and it was done.

hope this helps…

if someone knows better solution(s) please share it… thanks… i…

Hi Istvan, when importing data from Microsoft Outlook in eM client you should be presented with two options, either to import your accounts, which will essentially transfer your account information such as your mail server address and password to setup your account in eM client.

Or you can choose to import data from Microsoft Outlook using a selected PST data file, this file should contain all your local items saved in Outlook allowing you to import mails, contacts or calendars that you weren’t able to synchronize with your mail server.

Thank you,