How to Import and address book?

I have different address books in Thunderbird. Can I import them?

Yes. But you’ll need to export them to vCard or Windows Address Book first.

If I have them on a .txt file?

Hi, it should be possible to import address books from Thunderbird if you go to File > Import > Thunderbird. Import from selected folders and select your address book folder, in case that won’t work for you, you really need to have the contacts in vcards or .csv file(s).
You can not import contacts from .txt file.

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I came here looking for help with this problem too.  I just downloaded eM Client and when I opened it up I got some of my addresses from thunderbird but not all of them.  I see an answer what to do, but I have no idea how to do that or where to go to do it.

Hi Sue, can you please comment on what exactly did you do to import your data? Did you just download the application and went through the import wizard after the first initialization, or did you just setup your account using the automatic setup and some of your accounts have appeared?

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Hi Paul, well, since I posted this I read all the answers here many times trying to see what I missed and then I spent the rest of my day clicking, uninstalling, downloading etc trying to make things work so that I would give up.  Yes, I went through the download procedure and let it go automatic and let it download files from thunderbird, but again it didn’t bring my whole address book…and then I opened up an account with outlook and found it easy to down load the address book there and then went back and uninstalled eMclient and reinstalled it and was able to down load the address book from outlook.

HOWEVER, haha, I ended up with all the people on my list entered three and four times.  Strange stuff but I’m strange too maybe for not understanding things.  I think I have it now and would like to take this day to play and not do stressful things…oh my blood pressure.  Isn’t it funny that I handle waiting in lines in traffic and relax but I get stressed when my computer doesn’t do what I want it to.

Thank you Kind Sir for trying to help me:)  Sorry for being a noob.

Hi again, if you now have all your contacts in your address book, multiple times, you can use the “deduplicator” feature in eM Client.
Just go to Tools > Deduplicator, and setup the feature to go through your contacts folder and remove duplicates.

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It sure did help, Paul, thank you very much.  Happy Happy ! Yahoo! So easy to do.

Great, glad I could help, please let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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