How to import a distribution list

I’ve tried and searched but can’t find a way to create a distribution list by importing or pasting in a list of email addresses.  Selecting them one by one from the contact list is not practical (never mind that most of the email addresses aren’t even in my contact list yet.) 

unfortunately to create a distribution list, your contacts need to be inside eM Client. You can import them in a folder first and then just drag and drop the addresses into your list.


That is a very cumbersome way to do what ought to be a quick and simple process.  When I have a list of addresses from another source that I want to import or add to a list, I should not have to go through the process of creating an individual contact record for each one before being able to add them to the list.  Please put a solution to this on a priority list for the next version.

I have a 50+ distribution list in two columns: name & email address. In a text file, in Excel, and just the email addresses separated by commas. How can I make a new distribution list in emclient using one of these sources?

Hello Ross,
if your Excel file is saved as CSV (which Contact files quite commonly are) you can import the contacts using the Menu>File>Import>Import contacts from. csv file option.
Choose the file, choose the folder into which to import them (best idea might be to create a new folder for these contacts in your Local folders).
When the contacts are imported, go into the folder, clock on one contact, press Ctrl+A to Select all and right-click>Create Distribution list.