How to I attach a vCard to an email? Contacts don't appear as an "Insert" option.

I’m trying to figure how to attach a contact’s vCard to an email.  I can see how its possible to send a contact from the contacts list in a new email.  What I’m trying to do is attach a contacts vCard to an existing email or to add multiple vCards in the same email.  That option is missing from the Insert menu.

Hello, you should be able to drag and drop the contact onto your reply or new message, the contact will automatically be added as an attachment, you can also export your contacts onto your desktop by drag and drop or by using the export feature in File > Export.


The method described above is very inefficient. Like other email programs and even text messaging on smart phones, there should be an option when composing an email to Insert Contact, or right-click on a Contact and select “Email Contact Info” which will auto populate an email as either a vcard or as text into the message (sometimes I want to do a vcard and sometimes text).  Smartphones can easily do this, so should EMclient.

I agree with Richard, drug and drop is not a convenient method of doing this. 
Could you please add a feature to insert contact with insert button.  All our users would really appreciate this. Thank you.