How to group inboxes together?


I have about 20 inboxes, some with the same domain extension. Is it possible to put them in a folder so I can see work related inboxes and personal separated? Also the function to view all emails in allocated folder like the smart folder does for all inboxes. 

Yes, you can do this with Search Folders. The Help does give a fairly useful guide on setting this up.

But the short version is to create a new search folder, give it a name, select the folders you want to include, and that’s it. You don’t need to enter any query as it will include all emails.

Ok I created the folder… where did it go I can’t see it. Oh… here we go! Cheers Gary. Guide needs updating to have a different keyword. Search folders I would never have thought of looking up.

I think Search Folders are underrated; they do not even appear in the folder list by default. I only realized after my comment that you might not be able to find them. Sorry.

Well I thought it would be better to use a search engine so it was ok. Anyway big thanks because this is awesome.