How to get rid of the 'more' folder

How do I get rid of the ‘More’ folder? Now that i have a second email box I have to monitor, emClient is filing all of the folders for my primary address UNDER the secondary email box.

The More folder has always been a ‘feature’ that just gets in the way, but now it is actually interrupting workflow. When trying to figure it out for myself the only answer i found was to right click and set each individual folder not to hide itself. I have hundred of folders, this is not an option.

Please tell me there is a way to get rid of this worthless ‘feature’.

The More folder is a place to hide folders you don’t ordinarily want to see. That is why it is always collapsed when you start eM Client.

To hide a folder in More, right-click on it and choose Hide.
To remove it later, right-click on it and choose Show.

You can’t remove the More folder.

I know what it does, it is just a terrible feature that you apparently cant do anything about.
So there is no way to turn the feature off? I dont want any folders hidden. It was just a mild annoyance before, but how that I am managing a second inbox it is more of an issue.

If i cant disable it, how to I reorganize the mail pane to not put all of my folders stuck in ‘more’ to show up underneath the primary mailbox so things arent out of order?

Well, when you have removed all the folders from More, it will not be displayed.

But it is not really disabled as when you again hide a folder, More will reappear with that folder inside it.