How to get rid of “Google” system Tags in Contact list

In the image below, I created all tags except the ones that are ticked. These are supposed to be system labels. I understand the importance of the “Starred in Android” (contacts flagged as favorites in Android) but I don’t need the other three labels.


However, I don’t see these labels on the Google server (image below), and never did! And AFAIK there’s no feature to hide/unhide them.


What is puzzling is that another email client that I installed for testing sorted out these tags perfectly, exactly as on the Google server.


What I did so far to get rid of them in eMC, but to no avail:

  • Sync contacts,
  • Repair contacts
  • Try deleting these tags (can’t do).
  • Delete Google account and reinstall it.

Thank you for your help.

V8.1.979 - W10

I opened a ticket with eM Client Support on this issue with the Coworkers folder after I tried to delete it in eM Client.

They maintain that the application only displays the folder because the server sends the information to eM Client that it is there, and because it is a Google system folder it cannot be deleted.

They closed the ticket without resolution in April 2020.

Thank you @Gary and sorry for my late reply.
It’s annoying, especially that a competing email client doesn’t show these unwanted labels.
I’ll continue experimenting and testing and might eventually ask support for an eventual fix.
Thank you once again.