How to forward meeting invite?

If I accept a meeting invite and it goes to my calendar, how do I later
forward it to someone else? I do not see any option which allow this in eM Client. I need to be able to invite other guys tomeetings im invited.

I found this 1-year-old post about this problem, it seems its not fixed/added to EMclient?
In my eyes this is a basic-funcionality to work today with others.



Hi Enrico, unfortunately it is not possible to add attendees to an event you’re not an organizer of.

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So do you have any intention of doing this? It is basic function in Outlook and in order to use this product for meetings it is a must have especially if it is business related.

Hi Michael, unfortunate a meeting invite can not be forwarded as all attendees of an event have to be listed as attendees in the calendar event’s details (e.g. should receive personal invitation).

In case some of the users were not invited to the event, but you’d still like to share the details, you can export the event to an .ics file and add it as an attachment to your message allowing other users save the invite into their calendars.

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I’ve looked at all of these threads regarding “forwarding a calendar invite”. All the people came from exhange/outlook just like me.

What we are saying is, I want to invite someone else to this meeting that was not organized by me. And yes, I can log into the gmail calendar and click “add attendee” even when I am not the organizer, so why can’t em client not have this functionality? If you call it forward and all it does is add the new attendee to the meeting I think it would close this off.

The disconnect is why this is possible in the web client, but not in em client.


Hello Kenneth, this is unfortunately not possible, Google is able to workaround this in their online environment, but unfortunately only the organiser can manage the calendar attendees. Hopefully we can improve this with future releases.