How to force the download of ALL messages ALWAYS

How to force the download of ALL messages ALWAYS. It is sooooo frustrating when I need verification codes etc. that I need immediately and the messages don’t download. I have NO idea why everyone wouldn’t want every message downloaded immediately all the time! This is my only gripe with eM client and I am truly fed up with messages not downloading! Don’t tell me to use the manual download because it seldom works either! They need to all download immediately BEFORE any rules operate! I believe the rules prevent the downloading of messages!

Rules only apply to messages after they have been received in your Inbox, so they do not prevent messages from downloading. All a Rule does is make some change to a message. So it may move it to another folder, or it may tag it etc.

@Jean_Whittaker if you want your files stored locally all the time, you might switch from IMAP to POP. Imap leaves messages on the server (generally), and downloads headers. Then download the whole message when selected. POP downloads the messages and removes them from the server.

Clearly, things are more complicated, but that’s the simple explanation.