How to force a synchronization of calendar items?

eM Client 6.0.20154, running on Windows 8.1 Professional.

I’m using Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook e-mail address for synching contacts and calendar.

I have calendar items which I’ve made in eM Client which don’t get synchronized with Microsoft Outlook on the server.

As a consequence, I don’t see all my appointments (and/or the changed ones) in my Windows Phone.

How can I force a synchronization of my Calendar? I do see that eM Client is many times synchronizing my contacts/calendar, but the changes in the calendar are many times not uploaded. I don’t seem to have problems with synchronization of my contacts.

I’ve done a ‘repair’ of the calendar. As expected, my updated appointments on my computer were deleted, and the existing (non up-to-date) appointments on Microsoft Outlook server were downloaded to my computer.

ha, I see I’m not the only one with this issue.

I also have an ‘error in client/server’ conversion, as written here:…

Hope there will be soon a solution.

Hi Hans, sorry for my belated reply.
Can you please turn on AirSync logging for your hotmail account in Tools > Settings > Advanced, and try to replicate the issue, also do the repair of the calendar while the logging is on,
once you notice it’s not synchronizing, please go back to the Advanced settings window and click on send logs.

Send it to my address ([email protected]) and add a reference link to this forum topic please.

Thank you,