How to flag and then mark complete?

How do I mark a flagged email as “complete”? Or is it only possible to unflag? I would like to be able to differentiate between “not flagged” and “done”.
/ Didrik

Hi Didrik.

Unfortunately there is only “flagged” or “not flagged”. 

I have a set of emails that are categorized by a rule on receipt, that marks them for attention.  When I have dealt with them, I uncategorised them, so that marks them as done. What separates them from all the other uncategorised messages is that I also have a search folder that uses the same query I used to categorize them in the beginning, but only for those message that don’t have the category. This gives me a folder of “done” messages.

I use the flag differently because flagged messages can be included in the Agenda, whereas categories cannot. So I use flags for those more important items that I want highlighted and visible in my layout.

Maybe others can comment on how they deal with this kind of requirement.

Thanks Gary, 

Nice work-around, but I would really like to have the opportunity to use the three different variants not flagged, flagged and completed. Especially as categories can’t be used as a substitute in Agenda (or the equivalent to do-list in Outlook).

Both e-mail clients in my andriod phone (default app and TochDown) handles this.

At my home computer, Outlook in the Office 365 package can (for some stupid reason) not configure an Exchange account manually. And the server requires some non-default setting and won’t let me connect automatically.

I thought that eM Client was my perfect work-around, but the flag issue makes it almost equally non-smooth as the web-mail interface.

Any chance that the eM Client will add this function?

/ Didrik

You could put it forward as an idea on this forum. (Follow the process where you created this question, but choose Idea instead of Question).

That is probably the best way to get feedback, and others can also vote in support of your idea, which I think is very useful.

We use shared inboxes for support etc, and mark as complete. eM client doesnt support that so we cant use it for sharing mail boxes.