How to find other sender address

In my sent folder I have 30 030 emails. When I serach in this folder for emails sent form my address I receive 30 019 emails, is there any possibility to find these 11 emails which were sent from other address (of course instead of manual searching :slight_smile: ) ?

Unfortunately eM Client does not have the NOT function for searches, but it does have the EXCEPT function in Rules.

Create a new Rule like this:

For people you want to enter your email address so that this Rule will assign the Red Category to all messages that are not from you. Click on Finish and close the Rules window.

Now right-click on the Sent folder and choose Apply Rule, and select your newly created Rule from the drop-down options. All messages in the Sent folder that are not from the address you specified in the Rule will now be in the Red Category.

Sort your sent messages by Category to find the 11 in question.

It worked, thank you so much!