How to extend calendar history beyond one year?

The calendar only retains information for the last twelve months. I very often fail to find historical events such as “when was my last eye check up?” because it was more than a year ago and have to go into the web calendar to find what I need.

How can I set for how far back the calendar retains appointment?

Thank you!

The calendar displays all data going back to the oldest event you have.

However, it only displays what is on your server. Is your server deleting events after some time? Who hosts your calendar?

Hi Gary,
Interesting! I’m with Google. So the service from them must be limiting what data they provide. All the historical events are still on the server.
I know that that takes it out of your area, but do you happen to know how the Google calendar service should be configured to provide more events? I just had a look at the Google calendar settings and nothing jumped out at me.
p.s. thank you for the super-quick reply!

Google allows you to specify how many messages you can sync, but I haven’t seen any setting with them that restricts the calendar.

It may be some error in syncing.

One thing you can try is to repair the calendar. Go to the calendar section of eM Client and right-click on the Gmail Calendar folder. Choose Properties > Repair > Repair. Initially the calendar may be blank, but after some time it will resync from the server.

See if there is any change.

Otherwise, if you have a Pro license, please open a support ticket with us and we can investigate some logs to see what might be causing this.

Thank you Gary, I do have a Pro licence, so I might do that.
However, I’ve also been searching in parallel and seen various posts related to Google’s calendar app, which can also only search back one year.
The suggested kludge is to visit the web version of Google calendar, export everything as an ics file, then reimport it to trick the calendar into updating the last modified field for all events. Sounds really pony to me, not least because it sounds like you’d need to repeat this process every year.

When you search, only the current and future events are displayed in the search results.

Click on the button to toggle Hide Past, and previous events will be displayed.

But I see all past events in my Google Calendar. At least I just checked and events from 2019 are there.

Wow - that was it!
Had completely overlooked that. Obviously.
Thank you for your help Gary!