How to export emails or email folder in MBOX/MSG/EML format into an external file?

Assume I want to export all emails from a certain account or even only all emails from a msg subfolder in eMClient into an external file. The format of these exported emails should be MBOx or MSG or EML.

Again: I don’t talk about a backup of ALL emails but only of a subset of emails

How can I do this?

This exported email archive should later be importable either

  • to another eMClient (e.g. on my notebook) or

  • to the same eMClient installation but on another location (another subfolder or another account).

I would appreciate to have inside eMClient a email subfolder context menu entry “export to EML” or similar. Is this possible of can this be implemented in the next release?


you can export your messages to EML files.
Use the Menu>File>Export>Export to EML option.
Then you can choose which foldes/accounts you wish to export.


Export to MBOX would be great–is pretty standard in terms of exporting, I think.