How to Export eM Client Email to Thunderbird

eM Client is Windows based email client, which mostly used for the multiple purpose like – sending and receiving emails, contacts, task, managing calendars etc. This software developed with user friendly graphical interface, as well as you can easily download it in your machine. eM Client is also EML based client, if you drag and drop single emails of eM Client one by one it saves in EML format. 

Know how to export eM Clients emails? – Now follow the steps to export eM Client emails into your system.

1.       Open eM Client in your machine
2.       Go to File Menu and then click on “Export” option

3.       When you click on “Export” option, now export box will open like you can see in below image and then you have to select “Export to .eml files” option after that click on “Next” button

4.       Now select folders which you want to export, then click on next

5.       Browse location to save exported emails , where you will like to save files in your machine ( Browse > Select Location > Finish ).

Now go and check store location, that you have selected during the process. There you will see all your exported eM Client email to Thunderbird.

In cases you want to convert these EML files into MBOX file format, then convert EML emails to Thunderbird MBOX file format with manual procedure. But this manual process is two lengthy and if any user have multiples of EML emails than it will take too much time to convert multiples of EML emails into format of MBOX, so go with third party tool for converting emails to Thunderbird.

Isn’t it easier to just connect Thunderbird to the imap server and let Thunderbird download them all?

Does anyone know of a “third party tool for converting emails to Thunderbird”???

I’ve tried this to get a better archive workflow other than the basic archiving that emclient offers now.

So, what did I do? I’ve set up an email server on my Synology NAS, added a single account using the IMAP protocol and connected emclient to this account. This worked flawlessly.

But when it comes to copy complete emclient (local) folders to this new account, emclient throwed many errors that folder names with a backslash in their names cannot be created.

Huh? Backslashes in a folder name? None of my folders that are stored in emclient do contain a backslash in their names.

So which folder names does emClient transfer to the server? Don’t know so far. I gave up to archive my emails this way as I couldn’t find a way to get along with this error. Guess emclient support won’t be of any help either - I didn’t contacted them in the past regarding this issue, though.