How to edit email

Hi all,

In Outlook you can edit a received email. Is this possible in eM Client and if so how?


I believe you need to press either forward or reply then edit and then save it.

That just creates another email. I want to edit a received email and save it so the received email now shows my edits.

Saving it to draft after editing then delete the original is the only way I know.

I guess you mean, forward the original, edit it and then save. Then move it from draft to wherever.

This works, but the email is now from myself and not the original sender.

Thanks anyhow.

Did you try to reply instead of forward that should keep the sender’s email.

Yes I did, same result.

I just did it and pressed ctrl-s which saved it to draft with the sender’s name in the address.

Well, I’m obviously not doing it correctly.

Double click on an email in the Inbox to open it.
Ctrl +S to save it.
To = original sender (should be me)
From = me (should be original sender)

The objective is to edit a received email, changing only the text in the message body. The remaining parts of the email (to and from) to be unchanged.

From the inbox press reply button>now edit your email [note the address of the sender is still in the To: window] next…save the email to draft.

This is server Exchange only feature

Not is Outlook! You can edit received emails whether they are IMAP or POP.