How to edit and resend email from sent folder?

I am wondering whether there is a way to open email which has been sent previously, edit it and send it as a new email.

Thank you for your inputs.

Yes, there is.  Double click to open the sent email.  

Since you cannot edit it while it is just open, you can, however, when you click Forward.  This will retain you as the original e-mailer and allow you to edit any or all of the email content… even the forward info line that is added can be deleted out to allow just the original text for you to edit as you wish.  Be sure to edit the “Fw:” part out of the subject line, too, if you want it to appear to the new recipient as an original email.

Finally, you will either need to select the person you wish to send it to or go to the File menu and choose Save to send it to the Drafts folder for you to work on later. 

Although it is OK workaround, but I would rather prefer same feature as other email clients have - open as new, edit it and send it off.

One of the problems is that you have to add all the individual recipients, which potentially can lead to situation where some recipient is missed.

Hello Robson,
a quicker way to do what mustangace above describes is to open the Forward drop-down menu or right-click the message, click Forward and choose ‘Forward as original’.
This will prepare the message to be sent the same way, but without the original recipients.


It is a great suggestion.  Thank you.

I put it on my wishlist for em client to have a build-in function to do something like open-as-new email.