How to edit a distribution list?

How to edit a distribution list to add some new emails for example?

Also sometimes when I use the distribution with mass email it says something about format incorrect, what is that?

Hi Fernando, to edit your distribution list, just double click the list and open it’s details, then you can add new member by either selecting them from your contacts folder or by typing in their email address’.

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How do I find an existing distribution list?   So that I can edit it.  Thanks, Jane

Existing distribution lists are saved in your contacts folder along with your contacts, you should be able to spot the difference between the contact item and the distribution list, as the distribution list only displays it’s name before you open it’s details.


Thanks for the answer that the list is among the contacts.  Jane

Im trying to add an email to a DL but there is no option to add names. When I open the DL, it’s Details tab looks like a single contact.  It has fields to enter Dept, managers name etc.   The kind of extra info you would add to a persons details.  Any ideas guys?  Thanks.

Hi Xave,
that is very strange, are you sure you’re opening a distribution list? It should look like this and you add names simply by clicking “Add new” >
If its accidentally a contact you want in your new distribution list, you can right click it, choose “Create distribution list” and make your own new DL which will start with your chosen contact as the first member of your list.

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