How to disable Right ALT key?

I’m from Poland and I’m using my diacritic letters by pushing Right ALT key and then suitable key, like this time when you want to write “&” character and must push Shift key and then “7” in the upper row - this is the same, but instead of Shift I’m using Right ALT and rest of my polish letters. So, eM Client use both ALT keys (left and right) to show main menu - and this make issue for me (and probably for some of us using alternative characters). Sometimes I push Right ALT and want to write polish letter, but after half second want to cancel this letter and write another BUT push Right ALT without this letter give me MENU. When I’m writing I don’t look at screen, so it’s big problem because my next letters makes shortcuts with MENU, and of course not appear in letter.
Is possible to disable Right ALT key for cM Client like rest of writing apps? Will be great, really.



I’ve just tested your issue and while holding alt and pressing the corresponding key I was able to write special symbols. Is the menu appearing when you hold alt + the key or only when you press it?


Yep, menu appear only when I press right alt… But I wrote fast enough to only press (not to hold) right alt and corresponding symbols - and with this way of writing your right alt issue is messing around with my great experience with your app :(.
Please, turn off menu for right alt, like other devs done.


Hi, I have the same issue about alt key. There is any solution?

  • Maybe there is any workaround?

I’ve checked in onlinehelp, there is much more shortcuts than i have avaible in program, there is any reason for this? Is any option to disable some shortcuts?

Hi, there is any solution for our issue?

the Shotcut settings window in eM Client is scrollable, so most of the same Shortcuts should be available there.
The ones not present are Windows shortcuts that cannot be edited from eM Client.

As for the issue- we were not able to replicate it. If I enable Polish keyboard and write the letters I can do so just fine.
Can you specify what Windows system you use? What exact eM Client version do you use - full number in Menu>Help>About ?


Hi, I am using Windows 10. When I try to hit “ś” (Right Alt + S, polish letter) eClient will send unifinished message.

can you please copy the full version number of eM Client from Menu>Help>About section?

Hello i’m using 7.2.34062.0 version and have the same issue about alt key and menu… I think it started after last update… Dear developer if i have this issue i think that every people on world who use special letters will have it. In every normal application right alt is reserved for special letters… why in Your email application right alt is for something else…??? I write many emails and this issue drive me crazy! I thought that i finaly found good email application but this issue is unacceptable for me and i think for the rest of people from countries with special letters (there are many coutries with own letters). If u dont fix it i think that me and others will install other email application :frowning:
This bug is easy to fix it so please be hurry to fix it. Right ALT for special letters, left ALT for MENU !

I have the same problem.
Right ALT should NOT be used for menu. You can’t reproduce problem because you does not understand it.
Normally when using right alt for special letters like “ś, ć, ż, ź, etc.” menu does not popup, it happens only if you type too fast.
Look, to type “ś” you need to click “alt + s”, but if you type fast you often unintentionally release alt" before pressing “s”. Now you have a problem, because “alt” opened menu and next typed letters started to navigate throught the menu.
This problem drives me crazy, often closes new-message window and once sended my unfinished message to customs, .
Check word “właściwy” for example, and try to unintentionally release “alt” before pressing “s”: w, alt+l, a, alt, s, c, i, w … and the end, before word ends your message will be sent, because “s, c, i, w” will navigate to Message>Send.

Please, exlude right alt from triggering menu.

I don’t have such issue.
Version: 7.2.33939.0

P.S. I’ve just updated to 7.2.34208.0 and I do not have any issues regarding ALT and Polish letters.

So, please consider if it’s not Wndows issue. Sometimes I have similar problem with MS Outlook.

IPTRACE maybe they fixed this issue in 7.2.34208.0… but unfortunately for me last available update is 7.2.34062.0 when i clicking on search for update there is info: no available updates… How did u update to 7.2.34208.0 ???
No it is not windows or other system issue. It is  em client app issue. 

You can always manually download the latest version at

Hello, when i will install it manually what about my old mail database? Installation will update my old em client version or will install new version of em client in other place with new database? Why there is no possibility for normal update??? What with registration key in new installation…? Many questions… and many possible complications makes it big problem…

A manual install is no different than upgrading through the client.  Won’t move/delete data.  No registration key is required.  Very simple process.