How to disable new mail notification for one account but leave it on for other accounts?

I have two email accounts setup, but I’d like only one to syncing continuously and produce new mail notifications, while the other one, I’d like to be able to manually check the inbox, but not have it do it automatically in the background (because I want the like new mail icon in the system tray to only let me know that the other account has new mail).

The one I want to disable is a gmail account, and I tried, under account settings (Menu->Tools->Accounts), unchecking the “include when sending/receiving emails” box for the account. Doesn’t do anything, as far as I can tell.

With Gmail setup as an IMAP account (default for emc), I don’t think you can do that. IMAP servers push emails, the client does not poll. This is why unchecking the box did nothing as this only works with POP3 accounts. You could set up your gmail as POP3 and accomplish what you want, just make sure you leave a copy of the messages on the server.

Hello Brent,
just as Jay mentions, using the Refresh/Send&Receive button to manually download messages can only be done for a POP account.
Gmail can be setup as POP, but then you will not be able to synchronize your folders, calendars or contacts. Just download messages from Inbox.

As for notifications, you can set these in Menu>Tools>Settings>Notifications.
These can be set by default for all accounts or per each Account.


Awesome! I didn’t realize you could select the individual accounts in the drop down under Menu>Tools>Settings>Notifications. That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Hello Brent,
glad to hear this tip resolved your problem :slight_smile:


Hi Olivia,

   This topic is ~11 months old now, but I am just giving eM Client a try now, and this discussion runs very close to my interest, so if you are still the ‘Official Rep’, I hope to hear from you…

   I am syncing eM Cient with my account. It is my primary account for day-to-day use. I have a gmail account that I typically use as a contact account for many web sites (that I don’t want to mix in with my primary account and clutter my eM Client usage).

   I tried connecting to my gmail account with MENU->TOOLS->ACCOUNTS but only specifying CONTACTS (why not?), thinking that this might keep eM Client from pulling in my large gmail data, but when I got to the last step of the setup flow, eM Client brought up a Google window asking for permission to get at my email, calendar, tasks, and contacts. It was all or nothing, so I cancelled the request (although it is now continuing to try again and again ever few minutes ;=(

   This discussion suggests that I might be able to set up a “POP interface” to my gmail account that would at least limit the gmail I see in eM Client to its INBOX… or possibly even limit its loading into eM Client only my manual request???

   And if I cannot avoid the gmail INBOX loading, does eM Client have any clever filtering that would allow me to redirect it all to a single ‘Gmail-Inbox’ folder? Hmmm, that might actually be useful !=)

   SO, any help on how to set up a POP interface would be appreciated. Even a web reference would probably do, although it seems that the Menu->Tools->Accounts process might handle it if I know what I am to do…

   ALSO, I don’t know if I will be notified by this ‘Community’ web site if I get a response here. Is there a way to be notified if my note gets a response? Let me know at please. Thanks!


Did you see my response to your query on the “Chose sent from account” discussion.  I think they are basically the same.

This is primarily a user driven form and responses from eM Client reps are somewhat unpredictable.  If you purchase the pro version, you can submit a ticket directly to eM Client and their response time is quite quick (within 24 hours).

You should be notified of a response to your post (or a discussion which you posted to) by default.

Glad to have found this post. That drop down window to select individual accounts was very inconspicuous!

I think it could use a better name. Not “Default Settings” but rather “Default settings for all accounts”

Does default settings not apply to all accounts?

It does, but I’ve searched the settings multiple times, and I’ve never considered this to be a dropdown in the first place. By mentioning accounts it would give an indicator that there might be non-default settings available. Other solution would be to put a label in front of the dropdown, or replace dropdown with a full list to select from.