How to disable calendar notifications just in EMClient, without modifying the actual calendar events

Please add the ability to disable calendar notifications from EMClient - these should be able to be disabled regardless of the individual calendar event settings.

I’m already getting calendar notifications on my phone (which I want), but I don’t need my email client also popping up a window, especially since dismiss/snooze events are not synced so pressing “dismiss” on my mobile does not effect the EMClient pop-up, so now I need to dismiss the prompt in two places.

This is very annoying, other email clients (IE. Windows Mail) don’t do this - the only workaround I’m aware of is to disable the calendar in EMClient altogether, which is a terrible option for a workaround.

Hello Eric,

For disabling the calendar reminders, please go to Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Calendar -> General -> Defaults ->Default Reminder -> and select No Reminder - Apply to all folders.


This sets the default reminder for when I create a new calendar event. It doesn’t affect behavior of events in the calendar with notifications set.

How do I prevent EMClient from ever displaying a calendar notification, regardless of what calendar events are set to?

Maurice’s comment above was relating to an earlier version of eM Client. For version 7.x right-click on your calendar and select Properties. Then untick Show reminders.

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That’s perfect, thank you!

Is it at all possible to just disable audio notifications of calendar events but still get the pop-up?

I followed your advice and it works but I was hoping to be able to just disable the sound, I find the sound very distracting when I’m in the middle of work but I would still like to get the visual notification.

Go to Menu > Settings > General > Notifications.

Click on the Reminder audio icon, so it has a red X.

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Thanks Gary, I looked there but it turns out the setting dialog window can be resized and mine was vertically very short so I couldn’t see any of that but after realizing that and resizing it I could see them.

I can edit that for the “Default settings” but when I select my Gmail account there are no settings whatsover in the list, is that normal?

Yes, some settings cannot be customised per accounts.

Gmail should give you Mail and Chat though. They will be greyed out to indicate that they are set in default, but you can click on then to toggle for individual settings. Calendar notifications are not possible individually.

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