How to disable an acount?

Hi, How and where is the option to disable an acount without delete all the mail?  

It seems that the functionality was there in the past, as I’ve seen older web pages showing an “Enable account” checkbox that is no longer there.

It was certainly there in version 6, though I can remember if it was removed before the last 6 release. It probably was removed with the release of version 7

Can’t you just disable all protocols?

Hi Jay.

Disabling an account had a slightly different effect in version 6 than just disabling the send and receive. For one thing, it allowed you to setup more than two email accounts on the Free License, but to select which two were enabled.

Disabling all the protocols on a Free License may have the same effect in versions 7.x, but it may also delete POP3 folders. Will have to test it sometime.

I am using Exchange Web Services, listed under the “Services” section of the account. There is no section for specific protocols for Exchange.

However, I cannot uncheck the “Exchange Web Services” box, so I cannot disable the account…

I think you only get the option to unselect it if more than one service is available, like with Exchange where you have EWS and OAB.

I did a quick test and disabling a service does not delete the data from the database. It is completely removed from the application, but is immediately available again when you reselect the service without having to download anything.