How to delete spam-mails ? Application mistake

Hi the community I can’t no more open the map Spam-mails to delete them.  I receive the com: "app failed: a trouble occured in the app. and going further is not allowed. Then follows a control session and the result is: all OK. I try again: same think, no change. What’s that now ? Who can help me ?  Thanks. Kermit 1906 . 
Here more info: I can open the Spambox if
it contains several spammails. I can delete them all except the first on the list. This mail can not be deleted and by action, it closes the mailbox. Then, please, read above. 

Right-click on the Junk E-mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. See if there is any difference when the repair is complete.

Hi Gary
Thanks for your answer. 
I try it when the junk-mail will come back again: it is" MEetRussI@nW0m@n.c0m".
Now I do well delete this blocking spam every time it appears by doing this: closing EmClient I do open my "webmail"app of my provider. On this second mailbox, I click right on JunkMap, -> delete content and… all is clean ! Returning on EmClient  and clicking on JunkMap…all clean also. To the next time ! 
Note: I do so because the JunkMap of EmClient doesn’t show “delete content”.

Have a nice day

Hi Gary
Here above, you wrote a few days ago:: 
Right-click on the Junk E-mail folder and choose Properties > Repair. See if there is any difference when the repair is complete. I can’t do that because by clicking on Junk E-mail folder,  “Properties” (->Repair) is not shown in the rolling menu, just as “Delete all Spam” as well.  
What I then do: deleting  the spam’s one by one in EmClient OR deleting ALL with the fonction "Delete all "spam in the mailbox of my provider’s Webmail, as told in my previous post.

Please, note: if ONLY this specific spam " MEetRussI"at"W0m@n.c0m" is ALONE present in the Spam-folder, EmClient is immediately closed by clicking on the Spam-folder. 
And if deleting the spam one by one, the same thing happens when iI reach this famous spam from Russia.
In both cases, EmClient does a control of possible issues in the data-base. Never any problem.

The conclusion is: it’s commonly not possible to delete this spam-mail in em client. Help yourself with the provider’s Webmail. Then, it’s OK.

Can you help me to delete permanently this stupid spam-mail ?
I can send you the details of this issue but it’s a long message.

Thanks for your posts.

So this is a Local Folder Junk E-mail folder then?

One solution might be to create a filter on your server to delete messages from this sender rather than moving them to spam. Most providers have filters that you can setup in the web mail interface.

That way you will never see them in either the web mail or eM Client.

Ok I try your proposal to eliminate forever this troubling spam-mail.  Thanks