How to delete old email addresses associated with name

For 2 people I email frequently, eM Client seems to be remembering their old email addresses, in addition to the correct addresses saved in my contacts.  So every time I address an email to them two options drop down, the correct one saved in contacts and the old one, which isn’t even saved in my contacts.  Some kind of default memory going on.  How do I delete the historical addresses when I can’t even find it? Thanks

Hi, I believe that you need to clear the recipients history. Go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose and either click on Clear recipients history or Show recipients and chose the ones you want to delete.

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thanks very much

No problem, if you come across any other issues, or questions, let us know we’ll be happy to help.

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Hi Paul. I have just tried your approach (above), but the old and new email addresses still appear. I was wary of ‘clear recipients history’, not quite sure how much stuff that might wipe, so did ‘show recipients’, highlighted the old address, and hit, I think, ‘close’, whatever the option was. No difference. Would appreciate your advice.

I am having this same problem.  I cleared the entire history and still the same email address is there that I would like gone. 

I have read several posts on this subject.  I have checked my contact list, checked Local Folders, cleared my recipients list and white list, but STILL the old email address remains.  It would be helpful when the old address appears as a suggestion that a right click would provide some clue as to where it comes from.

A day after my last post I got the idea of searching my contact list for the word “yahoo” which revealed where an old yahoo address was being suggested from.  In my case it was a second email address for the same contact and that is why it did not show in the contact list for that person.  Deleting it solved my problem.

I wish a right click would provide an option to delete. Is there a solution yet?

I tried that search as well, Dick and All, but previous address did not appear.  When I compose to this person, both addresses are offered.  Frustrating.