how to delete email that senders are not in address book ? thank you


can anyone help me please ?

The only way I can see to do this is to set a custom Rule to delete all mail
except from the addresses you add to exceptions. This is a pain in the rear
because you have to add the addresses one at a time… but it will work.

Hopefully they will fix this.

i migrate from thunderbird to emclient, because of DAV protocol for contact and calendar. I find that emclient is very good with DAV protocol.
my address book is consequent and very full. and to stop spam, i use rule “delete mail if sender is not in my adress book” in thunderbird.
if i do what you say, i must insert each mail contact of my address book in the rule.
it is so complicated, because they are many many many.
thank you for your help.

Your are right, it is so complicated… it could easily be fixed if that allowed
the Rules to work with Contacts.

We plan to implement a “Whitelist” feature in the next major update.

thank you very much. Is there a date of coming of this version ?

It should not take more than 3 months.

A whitelist feature is a good idea, but only if it works with your contacts.
It wouldn’t be very useful if you have to add addresses one at a time.