How to delete a contact folder

I’m new to eM Client and loving it so far but I’ve run into a problem I can’t seem to resolve.  When I sync’ed my contacts from Google, it created a folder called “Contacts” along with a subfolder called “My Contacts”.  The subfolder contains the exact same contacts but with duplicates.  Also, the subfolder does not sync with Google contacts (only the top level folder called “Contacts”) syncs. 

What I would like to do is delete this redundant subfolder but that option does not seem to be available.  Furthermore, I tried deleting the contacts one by one but deleting does nothing at all.  The contacts remain.  I have also tried deleting all my contacts directly in Google hoping that eM Client would sync to the now empty Google contact folder.  eM Client sync’ed the top level folder so there are no longer any contacts in that folder but the subfolder called “My Contacts” is still full of the same contacts with all the duplicates.  How can I delete this subfolder please?

And why does the delete contact not work on individual contacts?  This is a seperate question.  I’d like to delete the entire folder for now and start fresh.  There are no contacts left in Google contacts.

Thank you!

Hello, your colored contacts folders displayed below your gmail account’s Contacts folder, are only virtual folders, labels that you can assign your contacts with, all your contacts should be synchronized with the main Contacts folder, and you can drag and drop the contacts onto the labeled folders to assign them with the category.

These labels can however only be removed from your web interface of your Gmail account which should allow you to manage these labels.


Thank you for answering so quickly.  I cannot find this labelled contact folder in my Gmail account.  When I access Gmail from the web, the contacts folder is now empty (as it should be since I deleted all my contacts through the web interface) and there are no other categories or labels where I could see all the contacts I’m seeing in that colored contact folder in eM Client.  Is there any way I can delete that virtual folder?

When I sync that account now, I receive a error message in eM Client that reads as follows:

“Deleting items in folder ‘FolderName/Contacts/’ failed due to the following error:  Execution of request failed:  [[myemailaddress]/full/987234987g97987  (Temporary problem - please try again later and consider using batch operations.  The user is over quota.)]([myemailaddress]/full/987234987g97987 (Temporary problem - please try again later and consider using batch operations. The user is over quota.) “Link https//wwwgooglecom/m8/feeds/contacts/myemailaddress/full/987234987g97987 Temporary problem - please try again later and consider using batch operations The user is over quota”)”

What does this error mean?  Is it related?  And why does it say that the user is over quota?

I’ve been receiving this error since I began syncing my contacts.  Everything else seems to be working fine (mail and calendar).  I just need to get the contacts working seemlessly and without error. 

Thanks so much for your help!

Here’s an update…  I decided to try deleting the account and recreating it and this seems to have resolved the issue.  It is now sync’ing properly without errors.  I’m not sure how it got so messed up but the errors disappeared with the recreation of the account.  :slight_smile:

Hello again, I’m glad you were able to find a solution for the problem, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you.