How to decline an invitation with response?

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I have a short question: How is it possible to decline an invitation for an event and send a textual response together with the declining?

In other mail programs, it is always possible to attach a self-written text to a cancellation in order to explain the reasons for the cancellation / declining to the organizer of the event. However, I did not find a similar option in eM Client yet.

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Hello Markus,
can you please say which mail clients offer this option?
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Hello Olivia,

I used several different versions of Outlook before switching to eM Client (ranging from 2010 to newest Office 365) and as far as I remember all of them offer this feature.

And if I’m not mistaken, Thunderbird offers this feature, too.

But if I interpret your answer correctly, eM Client has no such feature?



I see it is 5 years later but still… I am trying to get away from MS but miss this feature too (using the latest version 9 for Windows); it is used a lot for business meetings.

Hopefully this will be considered a feature request:

When replying to an invitation, there is only the option to send the response. In other programs (like Outlook) there is also an option to change the response, so you can add a comment which the receiver get in the response mail, or send not a response at all.
Outlook resonse

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