How to de-link a folder?

I am coming from Outlook where I store my processed emails in separate PST files. I have created folders in eM Client, then imported emails from these existing pst files. However I have seen that eM Client creates the same folders on the email server and wants to syncronise them with my local copy. I dont want that. Can I somehow de-link them so that I can use them for the intended purpose?

Your help is much appreciated.

There are two locations to save messages in eM Client.

Local Folders. If Local Folders are not visible below your other folders, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting. These folders are not synced with your email provider, so the folders exist only in eM Client.

Account folders. These are saved on your server, so anything you save in them will be synced back to the server, and be available on all devices connected to that account.

Thanks Gary, will try that.