How to create mail rule to filter all mail *not* to me?

A spammer has gotten a hold of my domain (that I use only for my personal e-mail) and I am getting many bounce-backs from mail servers. The spammer is creating spoofed names, such as [email protected] is my personal domain. So the mail servers are sending bounce-backs to these spoofed names. And since I have my address configured as the “catch-all” for the account, I get them all in my inbox.

What I’d like to do is I want to filter these incoming e-mails out to a “catch-all” folder. The only idea I can think of is to filter any e-mail where my address is not in the To *or* CC field. However, it looks like I can only add a filter where “my name is not in the To field”.

Is there a way I can do this?

you can create a rule which moves all your messages to a folder except when your name is in the To or CC field. It might solve the problem, or not?

Sure, that sounds right. It is another way of saying move all messages to a folder that does not contain my name in the To or CC field. But… given the options available in the Rules list, how would I do that? I don’t see the flexibility to make that filter. The only relevant rules I see are:

Given those rules, how would you create the filter?

Skip this step and click Next - then you will be able to set Exceptions.

Ah; great. Thanks–I overlooked those options. Looks like it’s going to work. Thanks!