How to create distribution list and add list of addresses all at one time

I want to create a distribution list without having to create a separate contact for each address.  Is there a way to add a list of addresses all at once without creating an individual contact for each one?


there is no need to create a (new) contact for each member a distribution list.

You can just add the members one after another (not at once, as far as I know) using a real name (or whatever) and an e-mail address.

Please see this image:


I do not think so, at least not in Maybe someone else knows better. I create distribution lists often and it is a pain when a name is missing in contacts.

Yeah, that’s how I do it. A lot of clicks though.

I think it was Netscape? where you simply opened a window and started typing email addresses followed by the Enter key, If it found the name already in your addr book, it used it. Then when done you gave it a name and clicked save. Done. That was a breeze. Do not get why EmC has so many steps and things to click, but you can get a rhythm going after some practice.

If you have a lot of addresses you want to add to a distribution list, and don’t care whether they are contacts or not and don’t need to add them as contacts, it should be possible to simply copy and paste the list into the distribution list and then save it.  eMC turns something that simple into a tortured process that is time consuming and simple drudgery.

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this feature is not currently implemented, but I’d like to suggest a workaround.
You cannot create a DL this way, but copying the addresses (separates by a comma or enter, for example) works when you compose a new mail. Copy your addresses directly into the To section.
If this is a list of addresses you’d use often, choose ‘Add all contacts’ after you send this email, add these contacts to a new folder and then inside this folder just Select all of these and create DL from them.
If you want to keep the DL but not the contacts themselves, you can delete the contacts themselves after this.


Rather cumbersome, but thanks for this suggestion.  Would you treat this as a feature request for future updates?

Hi Michael,
I added this to our Feature request list.



Hi, Olivia,
Has this feature been added? ie, ability to click on multiple addresses and add them to a new Distribution List? (please say yes!)

i just started with EMClient, after limping along with Windows Live Mail for ages.i love it, but even WLM makes it MUCH easier to create a Distrib List.

Can you send me specific directions? Can i use the list of CSV addresses from the groups/lists that I already have in WLM?

if i have to add them one by one, it will take literally days to complete it all. please tell me there’s a way to add multiple addresses! Many thanks,

Hi again, Olivia,
sorry to be such a noob, but could you explain this in more detail?
You said:
“If this is a list of addresses you’d use often, choose ‘Add all contacts’ after you send this email, add these contacts to a new folder and then inside this folder just Select all of these and create DL from them.”

I’m sorry, but I just dont’ understand how to do this. I don’t see an option to “Add all contacts” (they are already in my contact list). Is that before or after I send it? Then when I open a new folder, there’s no way to paste the contacts into it…not even the CSV list that i have have from my old email program. .

I contact all my 800 students via email, and very much hope you can help me create eight Dist. Lists of about 100 names each.

Again, apologies for what is probably a basic thing, but i will greatly appreciate more specific instructions. Many thanks!

Hi Urbi-orbi,
if you aready have the addresses saved in the Contacts you don’t need to save them again of course - that first step was an advice on how to quickly add them to a single folder at once.

Also, the ‘Add all contacts’ option pops up when you right-click any address in a header, it should not matter much if the message is already sent or in drafts. Though if you’re using Mass Mail, you want to do it before sending or from a Drafts folder.

Either way, you can just select your contacts (Ctrl and select, or make a search/separate your contacts into folders and select all) and then via right-click you can use the ‘CREATE DISTRIBUTION LIST’ option, like this:

Once you do that, a creation window with the selected contacts will pop up like this:

You just need to name and save your Distribution list.

hi, Olivia,
another question, please.
I have many Groups, ie Distrib Lists, in WindowsLiveMail that i want to transfer to emClient.

I can copy the entire CSV group in WLM, and then paste it into the TO: header in a new email in emClient.
Then i can right click and Select All and Copy All.
BUT the option for “Create Distrib List” does not come up no matter what i do.
What am i doing wrong?

it woudl save a HUGE amount of time not to have to go thru my list of 900 students to re-create about a dozen recurring student/class lists.
again, thank you so much for your help!