How to create a white list?

I often have to move received mails from the junk folder to the inbox, as they are not spam.
These mails are sent by people already in my contacts.

It is not possible at the moment but it will be implemented in the next major version 5.5.

Ok. It will be very useful.

For your information, as examples, the test messages and emails from myself from one account to an other account arrive in junk folder.

Dont you have the email address blacklisted?

Yes. Adddresses blaclisted days ago and today.
They are all at gmail. One is…myself.
eMClient v5.0.1794.0

If you blacklisted the address I think it is an expected behaviour to move all the messages from that sender to Junk - isn’t it?

My english is very bad.
Addresses blacklisted: I mean addresses which go in junk file. I never blacklisted them.
For example test messages received when I do diagnostic for smtp/imap go to junk file.

Email me at - I will send you further instructions.