how to create a group on contacts

I struggled with the same question until I found a way by trial-and-error:
In the Contacts listing right-click the first address you want to include in the group. Then click on “Create Distribution List”. Give the list a name and then add new addresses by clicking “+ Add Member” and finally click Save.


Thank you for providing an advice, Juergen.

For creating a new Distribution List, you can e.g. click on the ‘+New’ orange button under the Menu, select Distribution List and add members through the ‘+Add member’ button (please note you can select multiple people at the same time through this). You can also simply select the people in your address book that you’d like to create the Distribution List from (select multiple contacts by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the items), right-click one of them and Select ‘Create Distribution List…’

For editing an existing list, double clicking will open it and then you can add more people with the ‘+Add member’ button. You could also drag the contacts from the list as shown in the attachment.


But why can’t I show the Distribution lists in the left sidepanel? Now I’ve got to scroll in a looooong list to find the right Distribution list, just to see who’s in there (or to change anything).

A distribution list is simply a specialized contact, so it is listed alphabetically as a contact.

Prefix an underscore to the distribution list name & all of the lists will be sorted to the top.

Yeah, or you can store your distribution lists in a separate folder. :slight_smile: