How to create a Distribution List from a list of addresses in a Email

I received an E-mail that was sent CC to a long (> 25) list of people. I’d like to have eM Client use this E-mail to create a Distribution List that I can than use to communicate with these same people, rather than me having to cut and paste the addresses individually.

This seems like a fairly simple thing to do so should be something eM Client can handle but I can’t find out how to do it.


You can’t do it directly, but try this:

Right-click on one of the recipients, and choose Add All Contacts. Save them to a separate folder in your contacts. Right-click on the sender and choose Add Contact. Save them to the same folder.

Go to your Contacts and select that new folder.

Remove your own address if it is there, otherwise just select all the contacts and choose Create Distribution List.

Once that is done, you can delete the contacts in the new folder.

I also want this functionality. It is very user-unfriendly that you have to add emails to a distribution list one email at a time, clicking through “Add email” button. In other clients, you can literally copy and paste a list of emails into a distribution list. Is this a feature that will be provided in the near future?


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