How to copy 10 GB old Gmail account to a new one - problems with errors - probably user errors - lol


Unable to complete move operation: “Downloading items from server failed.”.Please  check whether the item’s account is operating correctly.

Operations – Errors tab

[IMAP] Unable to download message “FW: Email address” in folder “[Gmail]/Important. (System Error (Failure))

My eM Client Version: 6.0.23181.0


I want to us eM Client to make a copy of 10 GB or mail, from one Gmail account to a new one I just created. I have no concern for chat or calendar.

Although I do not want a local copy, I have changed the default drive from my small SSD to a nice large one big enough to handle as much as 100 GB of data if needed. I did this by visiting Tools>Settings>Storage and pointed the database directory field to D:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client,

While in Settings, under Advanced, I pointed the Logging directory to the larger “D” drive as well, to a new folder  called  D:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\eM ClientLogs

Having read somewhere that an XML file needs to be available from the default location, I left the default C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\eM Client because I see it has an XML fil called “settings.xml.” I am not sure if that was the right thing to do.

Plodding ahead, I made a new account in eM with my new gmail account [email protected]have synced this empty account.

I tested ability to copy one folder from the old email account to the new address one with eM Client with some success. It appears to work on folders with just a few emails. The giant, 30,000 email folders sit there forever, then fail.

I hesitate to again try to copy gigantic older folders until someone can review these notes to spot and correct any errors I have made, and to answer questions.  I have made repeated attempts to copy the BIG folders, but after many hours was presented with a failure error message.

It must be user error; an error on my part.

 I see that the new account did not have IMAP enabled, so I enabled it and disabled POP.  Tried again. Still failed.

Tempted to download the entire account to my local (larger) drive, I copied a couple of smaller folders to my Local Folders. Ultimately, I want to clear out my Local Folders, yet have no idea how to verify that I am not leaving GBs  (or even MBs) of data behind to be lost in obscurity. How do I verify that my local folders have been cleared?

I wonder what smart folders are.

If at another time, I import all of  Outlook from my drive, and all of Gmail from the web, will all of the content from Gmail “live” on my drive, or will it just be headers making me dependent on an internet connection? That’s for a future time. 

For now I’d like step-by-step instructions on how to copy one entire 10 GB Gmail account to a fresh Gmail account (so that I can delete most of the original account and keep it)


Thank you.


Here are some screen shots, not necessarily in order…sorry


Hello, unfortunately it seems we have a small issue with the diagnostics options while checking with the OAuth authentication (this is only an issue with Gmail as it’s a more advanced authentication option).

Please make sure you have both accounts setup as IMAP as the POP protocol doesn’t support uploads (e.g. you can’t upload items to the server through POP protocol, only download). The error you’ve referred to above is unfortunately a server issue that we’re unable to workaround, however the error includes information about the invalid message that can’t be downloaded from the server and thus - uploaded to the second account.

One possible cause of this that comes to my mind could be the unavailability of your messages for offline use - please make sure that all your items are downloaded in eM Client before uploading to the other accounts, as it may not be possible on all messages to immediately download and upload the item due to server latencies etc.

Otherwise it doesn’t seem like you’d do anything wrong while setting up your client on the second hard drive.


Thank you. I will disable POP and leave only IMAP enabled during this process and will upload to my HD. I hope I can figure out where the files are stored on my drive. I’ll be back with more questions. Meanwhile, thank you.

While using eM Client, all your data are stored within the applications database files, under your local user/AppData/Roaming folder, these are database files that are being accessed by the application only, It is not recommended to interfere with these files as it may result in database corruption.

While using IMAP, all your data should be stored on the remote server as well.


thanks paul