How to convert/transfer an ICS invite to the calendar?

How can I convert/ or transfer an ICS invite to the calendar?

Today I received an invite to a VC. I have the RSVP option to reply to the sender.
However, using the RSVP option does not add the event to the calendar right away, nor do I see any option to add the event to the calendar. It also does not show the .ics attachment as a file which would allow me to download and open it using the calendar app on my Mac.

The workaround is, to open the same mail in Apple Mail and add the event to the calendar from there. It recognizes the event and offers this right away and also allows me to download the attachment and open it separately.

Am I missing something or does eM Client miss this essential feature?

You need to click on the Accept or Tentative button.

Once you do that the event will be created in the calendar associated with the email address the invitation was sent to. If you don’t have a calendar setup as part of that account, the event will be created in your Local Folders calendar instead. If the Local Folders calendar is not visible below your other calendars, you can enable them by selecting Menu > Settings > General > General > Show Local Folders. Click on Save & Close to save the setting.

Aah … okay. Thanks for explaining.
I did not have the local calendar activated/ticked to display it.

The calendar I use for this account is using CalDav Sync, so unfortunately not directly connected to the mail account.

If you don’t have the calendar as part of the email account, but it is setup separately in eM Client, you can link it to the email account.

Just click on the General tab for the email account where you receive the invitations. Then point the calendar to the CalDAV calendar folder.

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